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Pond Water Treatments


Before you buy anything, please check out these reviews!

I have been building ponds and have used all types of fish pond supplies.

The reviews that I have compiled are all based on what I have found to work best in most applications.

The problem with pondscaping (especially when buying fish pond supplies) is that everyone tells you something different.

My goal is to put forth a system of pondscaping that work, tried and true.

There are three main fish pond suppliers:

  • Oase
  • Atlantic Watergardens
  • Aquascapes

All have good products, but I found aquascapes to be superior for their fish pond supplies.

They have a real quality product, combined with outstanding customer service.

I have provided links to fish pond supplies products for anybody wishing to purchase fish pond supplies that they need for their ponds.

Good luck with your fishy endeavours!