Calgary Christmas lights setup and takedown

Calgary Christmas Add Beauty


Christmas lights and Christmas lighting schemes can be mesmerizing. Back, in the 80s I can recall walking down the narrow streets of some Austrian town feeling like I had been transported to a Christmas fantasy land. Of course, the narrow cobble stone streets added to the magical effect but the heavy lifting was done by the Christmas lights.

For a while, particularly during the energy crisis, Christmas lighting took on a reduced function in Christmas decorating. The old incandescent strings of Christmas lights were heavy, fragile, and were generally energy gobbling propositions. The old strings of lights were also frustrating as one burnt old bulb would often cause the entire string to remain dark. The task of finding the burnt old bulb was tedious and onerous.

Nowadays the lighting at Christmas time has evolved to a much higher level. Several cycles of multi-colored, all white, all monotone lighting schemes have come and gone, and now we seem to be left with an ‘anything goes’ mentality for Christmas lighting schemes. The biggest trend now however is low voltage lighting, where lighting schemes are now composed of thousands of tiny LED lights, which creates a stunning effect. visit

Christmas lights can be used both outdoors and indoors. A common and delightful indoor use is to run a string of white colored LED lights up the railing of an open stairway and then incorporate a garland on the same railing. Another lovely use of indoor Christmas lights to run a string across the top of your fireplace mantel. In both cases, a double strand of lights works best as the effect is only 2 inches between individual lights.

Another recent Christmas lighting innovation has been the development of the focal piece light. You can now find single focal pieces that are made up of hundreds of little LED lights. Among the different shapes are large balls and various sized stars. These focal pieces are generally intended to be used along with strings of lights but can also be used on their own. You can find these focal lights in most department stores.

Christmas lighting can be simple or it can be dramatic. Christmas lights displays can be expensive and extravagant or simple and modest. Every use of Christmas lighting works the magic of Christmas. It’s time to put up your Christmas lights.

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